Group Health Insurance for the Association

We have received the final offer of health insurance for the members of the association. (If you are not, you can easily become one. More on that. If you have or work for a company with at least 10 to 20 employees, you can do so as a company. This is better in this case because it can be written off If this is the case, write me an email. In principle, you can only ask if everyone in the company asks for it, but we’ll probably fix it if it doesn’t.)

I do not know what may be public about the offer, so I just highlight the point, the rest can be requested by e-mail. (Email address at the end of this article.)

I have already written about health insurance in this article, this is the second type where you can go to private doctors instead of state care if needed. Please read to understand this article. (The first will be available soon in life insurance and the third will be available at a good price early next year, as I hope.)


About health insurance

We can take out health insurance if at least fifty people request it. If not so many people come together, then it will be invalid.

There are four packages, ranging from $ 990 to $ 699 per month.

Provided by Advanced Medical, it currently has 380 contracted partners nationwide. (It’s a good idea to check how many are near your place of residence. Allegedly, new partners are being recruited.)

It is important that medical treatment for an existing illness is not covered by insurance. So if you have a doctor for diabetes, autoimmune disease or any other illness, these treatments will not be paid for by the insurer. (For other exclusions, see the terms.)


For the cheapest package I thought nobody needed

For the cheapest package I thought nobody needed

This is $ 990 per month , but only includes: 24-hour medical help line, second medical report based on the papers you receive, and 3 high-value diagnostics for up to $ 500 each year plus 5-20% discount on contracted partners.

In the next step, there are already 16 additional areas of outpatient care plus outpatient surgeries, lab based on 118 parameters, 16 kinds of diagnostics, 3 high-value diagnostics (CT, MR, PET-CT) and annual screening (abdominal ultrasound, chest x-ray, lab, internal medicine .) The fee is $ 2.900 per month , but there is a 30% deductible, plus you pay it in full and you get back 70%. Few people choose this package.

The one more expensive package is the same, but without the deduction, you don’t have to pay anything, the doctor sends the bill to the insurance company. That’s $ 4,900 per month . Annual upper limits for these two packages: lab 25 thousand HUF, outpatient care 300 thousand HUF, high-value diagnostics 250 thousand HUF, one-day surgery 300 thousand HUF.

The largest package already includes 32 types of specialist appointments and outpatient surgeries, the lab examines 173 parameters, 21 types of diagnostics, 4 types of high-value diagnostics, screening plus gynecology, urology and ophthalmology. Annual ceilings: lab HUF 50,000, outpatient care HUF 1 million, high-value diagnostics HUF 500,000, one-day surgery HUF 300,000. This will cost you $ 6,900 per month .

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