33 animals rescued from Hardeman County, TN trailer


LEBANON, Tenn. (WKRN) — Dozens of animals were rescued from a scene that sent shivers down the spines of rescue crew members.

More than 30 animals were found in the dirt in a Hardeman County trailer. Many suffer from serious medical problems.

“The conditions were terrible. There was no running water in the house. It was a trailer at the end of some kind of muddy road. All the adults and the dogs lived in one room in the trailer, all sharing a bed, there was… the conditions were terrible,” said Michael Cunningham, Shelter Director for Animal Rescue Corps.

The same applies to the condition of all 33 animals that were recovered from the property.

“Some of the skinniest dogs I’ve ever seen are still alive,” Cunningham said.

He said the cats and dogs were so sick they had to postpone vaccination.

“We need to give her body time to recover a little from all of this before we start rolling out vaccinations,” he explained.

The scene in the trailer was difficult for the animal rescue volunteers to understand.

“People live in a house with 29 dogs sharing a bed. All live, all adults, all dogs living in a room filled with faeces,” he said.

Cunningham said a neighbor alerted authorities to the situation that led to the rescue.

If you can volunteer or donate to the cause, you can contact the Animal Rescue Corps in Lebanon by emailing animalrescuecorps.org or by visiting their website.


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