A Look at the Seattle Animal Rescue in the 1930’s – Slog


“Stop hitting that dog,” reads a particularly blunt title card in it fascinating old film portraying the King County Humane Society (the precursor to today’s Seattle Humane Society). The footage shows cats rescued from rooftops, adopted puppies and a very peaceful cow. Can you imagine anyone keeping cattle here today? I’m not even allowed to have an aquarium in my apartment.

A big thank you to Seattle Humane for sending us this reel – they had shown a few highlights from the screens at Tuxes and Tails’ recent fundraiser and it’s amazing to see everything from the puppy adoption process to the arrests of animal abusers to track rabies cases. (A side note: the potential rabies burden in King County remains surprisingly high and has increased significantly over the past decade! Just something to keep in mind if you’re tempted to engage with a wild animal or the skip vaccinations of your companion.)

Anyway, a lot has changed in the 80 or so years since this movie was made… although a few things have sadly stayed the same: A segment near the end features what appears to be a dog being killed by a motorist.


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