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A step forward for the puppy mill discussion: Finally, the topic of puppy mills is being discussed in Winona County. We hope.

Winona County puppy mills have existed for years, even through petitions, emails, phone calls and testimonies. All of us who care about dogs have been trying to solve the problem of industrial dog breeding facilities and the harm done to puppies. All of our voices were heard at the July 26 County Board of Commissioners meeting. Greg Olson asked that the issue of breeding facilities be raised. Commissioner Marie Kovecsi supported the motion. It can now be voted on to put it on the agenda.

We hope that this discussion, when it takes place, will include a thorough review of the breeding industry and the welfare of the dogs in those industries. The damage to the physical and mental health and welfare of these animals is well documented.

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The district staff has prepared a report on this subject. We hope this report does not just defend the status quo or hand off all animal welfare to the state or federal government, as has been the case in the past. We hope the county takes the time to understand this industry and the impact it is having on dogs, puppies, consumers and communities. We hope the public will be able to speak, including those who need to pick up the pieces when animals are injured – or who work with consumers who need to care for sickly purchased puppies.

How dogs are treated is a public interest and needs to be discussed. Find out more and sign the petition on the website

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