Animal Charity lobby, offices rebuilt to house the influx of abuse cases


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – During the pandemic, experts believe abuse has increased and reporting has decreased. This is the case with child, animal and partner abuse. Local animal shelters are seeing more and more of these animals finally arriving, but space is running out.

“All of them, every animal you see is part of a case,” said Jane MacMurchy of Animal Charity of Ohio.

Animal Charity currently has around 175 animals in its care. They oversee all of Mahoning County for abuse incidents – all 425 square miles of it.

The lobby and offices have been converted into pets – the humane officer even has a puppy in her office.

“It’s been a really tough two weeks. We rescued 38 live animals in six days. We have one who, unfortunately, is now going to be part of a crime case. The animal died, ”said MacMurchy.

And they expect there will be more and more cases.

“Here we are. Every shelter, rescue, shelter and guard is full, ”MacMurchy said.

None of the animals in the shelter are visible as some are still involved in pending legal proceedings. Benji is one of those recent rescues. He weighs about 40 pounds, but for his breed he should weigh twice that.

“In the last few weeks that was just something like the worst-case scenario. Where there were just multiple hoards, multiple condemned houses, atrocity cases, animals starving, ”MacMurchy said.

However, Animal Charity does not limit their capacities.

“We’ll never be full … Just because we bring a suitcase and fill an area doesn’t mean our shelter is closed,” MacMurchy said.

Animal Charity says they are always looking for volunteers. At the moment they also urgently need blankets, towels and bed linen before winter. Visit their website to learn more about how you can help.

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