Animal welfare organizations benefit from Kerry’s creations

Kerry Bunn showcases some of the merchandise she has created

Kerry Bunn, who works at White Cross Vets in Wolverhampton, has made a range of doggie bags, collars, bandanas and key fobs that are sold at the practice.

Ms. Bunn has served as the Client Care Coordinator at the Penn Road practice for the past three and a half years, being an avid handyman in her free time and supporting the practice’s charity efforts.

She then decided to start producing a range of products for pet owners to buy and her bags, collars, bandanas and key fobs, ranging in price from £2.50 to £9.50, prove to be instantly popular.

In the first two months, sales of the products raised almost £100 for Wings & Paws Animal Rescue in Wolverhampton, a non-profit, voluntary animal rescue created to ensure neglected, stray, wild or unloved animals have the best chance of being raised to find home.

Another charity will now benefit every two months, with Raven’s Rescue UK being the current beneficiary.

The registered charity was established to help pets in need of rescue or in distress.

Kerry said: “I love all kinds of crafts, whether it’s knitting, sewing, drawing or crocheting, and I started thinking about how else we could support the local animal rescue organizations that we already work with.

“Making a range of dog collars, bandanas, keychains and dog bags that can contain balls, poop bags and treats for sale was an obvious option.

“We have now decided to support a different charity every two months so that as many organizations as possible can benefit, and we are delighted that the products are so popular with White Cross Vets customers and visitors.”

Products are available from White Cross Vets, 333A Penn Road, Wolverhampton.

For more information call 01902 599880.


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