avadi: The Avadi police dog squad gets 2 new members | Chennai News

Chennai: The Chennai Police Department had to lay off some police stations and their staff when two new police officers – Avadi and Tambaram – were cut from their borders earlier this year. Now the Metropolitan Police have allowed the transfer of two members of their canine unit, Tony and Rita, to Avadi, also after seven years of service.
Even with the addition of the 8-year-old Doberman breed dogs, the Avadi Police canine squad is still lean as they will only be the second and third members of the squad. Jancy, a 5-year-old Labrador, was the first and only member until Monday, when the two officially took the lead in the presence of Avadi Police Commissioner Sandeep Rai Rathore.
While Jancy and Rita’s expertise lies in finding explosives, according to the handlers, Tony is an expert at gathering evidence at crime scenes. These dogs have been specially trained to track down illegal drugs.
Jancy and Rita were trained in explosives detection at the Police Dog Unit and Egmore Training Center and were put into regular work. Rita will be busy compared to others as she is an expert in VVIP duties and she accompanies the police in most cases. All three have been part of more than 100 cases during their tenure with Chennai Canine Squad.
Because of the height of summer, these three dogs were housed in an air-conditioned kennel at Madhavaram Milk Colony.
“We take great care from the selection of the puppies to their initiation into service. We maintain medical histories and medical records for all dogs,” said R Palaniraj, chief constable who trains dogs at the Avadi Commissionerate Canine Unit.
The handlers monitor her temperature every day before taking her out of the kennel. The dogs are taught basic obedience, heel walking and trained to recognize narcotics and explosive materials to keep them active every day. Particular attention is paid to the dogs spending extra hours away from their kennels, and special attention is also paid to their diet and diet. By default, the members of the dog team are given milk in the morning and rice and meat in the afternoon.

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