Bakery popped for their Rainbow Pride Month Cookies


LUFKIN, Texas (KXAN) – When an east Texas bakery unveiled a batch of heart-shaped, rainbow-colored biscuits in honor of Pride Month, it didn’t expect any controversy.

The owners of Confections, an independent bakery in Lufkin, say they received significant backlash after posting a photo of the cookies – including lost social media followers and, more worryingly, abandoned deals.

“Today was tough. Really tough, ”said a Facebook post on Thursday. “… My heart weighs heavy. In all honesty, I never thought a post said literally “More love, less hate” would create such a backlash for a very small business that struggles to stay afloat and spread a little joy through baked goods. “

The candy owners, sisters Dawn and Miranda, said a customer canceled an order for five dozen cookies that had already been baked and decorated and was due to be picked up the next day.

But when word of the incident spread, Confections received another surprise: overwhelming support. The next day the little bakery had a big line around the block. The unexpected effusion was so great that they were forced to close early to meet demand.

“We’re sold out. All this attention to our small business is very humbling … in the 11 years we’ve been open we’ve never seen anything like it, ”Dawn wrote on Facebook.

Dawn says they ran out of items to sell towards the end of the day on Saturday – so customers donated to the sisters charity, local animal rescue.

The sisters say they appreciate the support and do their best to keep up. They also bake the rainbow biscuit. Her latest Facebook post signs: “More love. Less hate. Always.”

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