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A hat is going to be a must for Sharon McLay now in the cooler months as she shaved off her hair to raise money for animals and their care. Big Ears Animal Sanctuary manager Brett Steele said Ms. McLay helped raise over $ 1,500 for the charity. Before the shave, Ms. McLay said she was nervous but the people around her were positive and encouraging. IN OTHER NEWS: “[Shaving is] a terrible look, it looks terrible. It’s a real test of your vanity and it feels weird [but it’s worth it]”, she said. “Every day since I said I would do this, I’ve literally got out of bed and [my hair has] Ms. McLay had her hair shaved off by prominent Tasmanian sheep shearer Steve Rigby. After the shave, Ms. McLay said it felt surreal, but she was grateful that Mr. Rigby did a wonderful job. those who come to Big Ears usually come here for two main reasons: They have been mistreated or abandoned, “said Mr. Steele.” In both cases, the animals usually have underlying diseases and sometimes acute medical care is needed. “Ms. McLay’s hair is sent to Sustainable Salons donated to make wigs for people with cancer or alopecia. To donate to the sanctuary, visit


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