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Seven-year-old Bobby has been Blind Dog Rescue UK’s ‘Dog of the Day’ nine times in over a year and a half – but has yet to secure a new home with owners who can show him what it means to be loved

The charity wants to secure Bobby a new home in the UK

He was ruthlessly dumped on the street when his owner lost interest in him – but still manages to see the best in people despite everything he’s been through.

Little Bobby has spent around 550 days in rescue after being picked up by Blind Dog Rescue UK, which makes new homes for dogs who have been exposed to ‘the worst of humanity’.

The seven-year-old dog, who is completely blind, was wandering the streets in search of his former family when the rescue team came across him.

A spokesman said: “Meet the handsome Bobby with the longest tongue ever.

“He was used for breeding and the owners said they bought another dog of his kind and deliberately dumped him on an open road 80km from home.

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Bobby spent a year and a half in rescue


Blind Dog Rescue UK)

Bobby was abandoned on the street


Blind Dog Rescue UK)

“When they first called him Bobby, he started screaming and looking for his owners – it broke their hearts.”

Currently based at a private animal shelter in Macedonia, the team are scrambling to secure Bobby a new home in the UK where he can experience love for the first time.

Despite being named Blind Dog Rescue UK’s ‘Dog of the Day’ nine times in a year and a half, no one has come forward to offer him a place in their home.

One user said on Facebook: “Please someone give this absolutely adorable baby a forever home.

“I can’t take him with us as we now have three Furbabies – two rescued, one from the UK and a little Romanian diva girl, then an 11 month old puppy.

“Rescue animals give you their undying love.”

He has the “longest tongue ever”


Blind Dog Rescue UK)

While another user added: “So heartbreaking. There must be a home for him to know that he will always be loved.”

A third said: “Such a handsome boy Bobby. I pray that you soon settle into the forever happy home that you truly deserve, sweetheart.”

Blind Dog Rescue UK works to bring blind and partially sighted dogs who have been victims of abuse, neglect, illness or trauma into homes and fight to survive in shelters.

A statement said: “It is incredibly difficult for sighted dogs to survive in these shelters for any length of time, let alone blind or visually impaired dogs.

“We need to get to these dogs quickly and ensure their prompt release and treatment.

“These dogs may have been intentionally blinded, been involved in road traffic accidents, or have long-standing painful conditions such as glaucoma.

“They need veterinary care and the safety and comfort of a nursing home where they can start healing.

“Here they get love and affection and a warm bed – possibly the first thing they will experience in their lives.

“At this point we can begin evaluating and nurturing these wonderful dogs for forever homes.”

To adopt Bobby or for more information about him, contact Blind Dog Rescue UK via the website

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