Britney Spears’ father petitions to end the conservatory


Britney Spears’ struggle to end her court-ordered conservatory took a surprising turn just moments ago when her father, Jamie Spears, the curator of her estate, made a request for full termination of the agreement.

Not only does Jamie ask to leave the Conservatory case, but instead urges the judge to end the agreement entirely.

Jamie says the judge felt it appropriate to allow Britney to hire her own attorney, and if she can do that, there will be longer a legal basis to essentially impose the conservatory.

“The recent events in connection with this care have raised the question of whether the circumstances have changed in such a way that the reasons for establishing a care no longer exist,” the submission states. according to several published reports.

On the file, Jamie says that Britney’s circumstances “have changed to such an extent that there may no longer be any need to establish a conservatory community.”

In today’s petition he even argues that a new psychological assessment to end the guardianship is not legally required.

Spears, now 39, spent more than 13 years in the conservatory. Her bombing testimony of the conservatory earlier this summer called for an immediate investigation into the case. Spears eventually got the right to hire her own lawyer.

The next hearing on the case is scheduled for September 19th. Originally, Jamie was only supposed to resign as a restorer of her property at that time. But that development could accelerate Britney’s freedom quite a bit, legal experts say.

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