Bully Max offers a new instant dog food that is vet and canine approved


When it comes to dog food for our puppies, there are many brands on the market right now. And while many offer the same thing and it can be difficult to choose between all the brands out there, Bully Max continues to bring innovation to dog food. That means we need to know more when the company launches new products.

Introducing the new Bully Max Instant fresh dog food! This is a veterinary approved dog food that not only provides many of the same nutrients as a fresh food diet, but only requires the addition of water to the meal. Basically, this takes kibble to the next level by adding some water to make it new.

Aside from the whole premise of making it instant fresh dog food, what makes this new addition to the Bully Max line so special?

Bully Max expands its product range with Instant Fresh Dog Food

One thing we love about this particular Bully Max dog food option is that it caters to all dog breeds. But that’s not all. It’s also good for a variety of things related to your pup’s health.

This food bag is good for the coat and skin, improves energy levels and even improves digestive health. And on top of that, it’s the perfect alternative to classic raw dog food. Not only do you not have to worry about refrigerating or freezing the dog food, but there is very little prep work involved as all you really have to do is pour the food and add the water.

And our staff pup got a chance to try this product and she too approves of this new food. Not only did Staff Pup Ladybug love this new food (and she can be a picky eater) but it really seemed to have a positive impact on her stomach and overall digestion. She was definitely getting that boost of energy too and was more than happy to take multiple walks each day while enjoying her Bully Max.

When it comes to dog food brands, there are many we love, but it’s just as much about what we love as our puppies love. And in this case, Ladybug is definitely a fan.

What do you think, dog lover? Are we fans of Bully Max? What do you think of this new addition to their lineup? Interested in trying Instant Fresh dog food with your pup?


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