Cattery disaster for Los Gallardos-based animal welfare organization PAWS-PATAS


DEMOLISHED: Fiona stands on the former site of the PAWS-PATAS quarantine and admission block. Copyright: Chrissie Cremore

THE PAWS-PATAS, to which the name of the Los Gallardos-based animal welfare organization refers, are owned by both cats and dogs.

The cattery plays an important role in PAWS-PATAS rescue and adoption activities, but recently the charity had to deal with a major disaster.

“Over the years, the foundations of the very important quarantine block have gradually become unstable. After the recent sustained rain, the building had to be demolished immediately for safety reasons and the rubble removed,” said Chrissie Cremore Euro Weekly News.

“This has left us extremely stressed and concerned, so we need to rebuild as soon as possible,” Chrissie said.

“We needed more foster parents because it was only going to get worse, but with the incredible help of many people who provided foster care, the situation was resolved fairly quickly.”

Despite this, PAWS-PATAS urgently needs to rebuild this unit and has raised €2,000 to date but needs more than €20,000 to rebuild.

“This is a tremendous accomplishment for our already overwhelmed volunteers, so any fundraiser is welcome,” said Chrissie.

She explained that the PAWS-PATAS Cattery run by Fiona Standing is small, but the charity is constantly asked for help.

“We have to ask people to fill out a ‘waiting list form,’ which you can find on the website,” Chrissie said. “This is especially relevant now that we have nowhere to accommodate incoming cats.”

The website also gives details on how to become a volunteer, carer (always much needed, especially for bottle-feeding little orphans), help with vet visits, and even donate.

“Please mention ‘cats’ when donating,” Chrissie added.

PAWS-PATAS also needs help driving their books to Scotty’s in Mojacar each month where they raise money for the neutering of local cats through their sale of used books.

“If you’re over 25, you can use the PAWS-PATAS van,” Chrissie said. “To learn more, email the [email protected] address.”


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