COLUMN: Opie is a happy, good boy


Happy Holidays everyone! My name is Opie and I am a 3 year old Terrier / Pitbull mix. I’m such a good boy, I’m just looking for this forever home – like we are all in the Humane Society of Rome shelter. You are sure to take good care of us here, but we wait, marvel and dream about our own home and our family.

What is my favorite thing to do? Well, depending on how cold it is outside, I love playing tag and taking long walks. The shelter staff tell me that I have extremely good leash manners, that makes me happy! I know a few commands like “sit” and “shake (with both paws)!” I’m also completely house trained. If I can find someone with enough patience to train myself even more, I can probably play a good hand (paw) at card games too!

Dear Winston, please use your special magic and help me find a home for the holidays and the new year! Thanks, darling, Opie

Dear Opie:

I love your photo, what a handsome young man you are! Those eyes are just filled with hope. I am burning for you and will insert a special prayer that someone will see you and bring you home.

Much luck! Winston.

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Cat’s Pride Litter Program

We participate in the Cat’s Pride Litter for Good program – we received 4,000 pounds of cat litter based on nominations from the community. This is an ongoing promotion. The more nominations, the more litter we get.

Trash, as you can imagine, is a huge cost to us, so it would be a wonderful saving for our shelter.

The population is invited to participate as follows:

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3. Enter the bonus code 4GOOD and you will double your nomination for the animal shelter.

4. Buy a green pitcher of Cat’s Pride Fresh and Light – each time you do this, another pound of litter will be added to the total donation.

Also needed in the animal shelter

Cat articles

Clumping and non-clumping litter

Delicious delicacies (bisque style) different flavors

The variety of Friskies broth contains different flavors

Meow Mix (any bag size)

Purina Kitten Chow (any size)

Greenie’s tablet pouches for cats

Shovels (small size)

Little mice, little pompoms, cat sticks, little paper bowls

Ceramic dishes for food and water – small and large

Cardboard scratch pads with refill packs

Scratching posts, all sizes (new) or in very good condition

Dog items

Greenies pill pouches for capsules and tablets

Cesar Original Pate ‘food trays

Chews, all sizes

Pork chops, pork ears

Soft delicacies: strips of bacon, pupperoni, canine carry outs, all flavors

Squeaky dog ​​toy

Nylon collars, especially for large dogs

General accommodations for lodging

Pet-friendly Ice Melt

Drawstring Garbage Bags: 13 gallon high kitchen, 39 gallon turf / leaf

Non-foaming bleach

25 gallon plastic cup with lid

Laundry baskets

Large 32 gallon plastic trash can with lid and wheels.

Medium-sized latex-free gloves

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