Derbyshire kennel to get caravans to keep an eye out for dog thieves 24/7



City councils have approved plans for a dog kennel business to have a trailer on site to keep an eye out for possible thieves.

The move is in response to the increase in dog theft in Derbyshire and across the UK, according to Castlefield Kennels on High Lane East in West Hallam.

At a meeting on Wednesday May 26, Erewash city councils promptly approved the kennel plans for the on-site trailer.

Council officials had recommended approval, stating that “on-site accommodation would provide greater security to prevent theft and accommodate stray animals at unsocial times”.

Andy Williams, the applicant, told the planning committee, “There is no way this caravan can become an integral part.”

He said there would be “minimal” local disruption and would be willing to accept a five-year deadline for the caravan location.

An Erewash Borough Council planning meeting at Long Eaton Town Hall on Wednesday May 26th

Mr. Williams reiterated that having the caravan on site would improve the safety of the dogs and also facilitate the dog grooming service after business hours.
Cllr John Frudd said: “I think this is appropriate and the applicant provides adequate justification. Unfortunately, people try to steal dogs. “

The company said in its planning proposal that its employees would benefit from being on site at all times to support its stray dog ​​service, which has been contracted by the Erewash and Nottingham councilors and which often brings animals in overnight.

It also said, “Organized crime gangs have stepped up pet thefts since the coronavirus pandemic began to take advantage of soaring prices for dogs and puppies.”

In February Derbyshire Police announced there had been a “spike” in dog theft in 2020, of which 30 were stolen in the county in December alone.

The armed forces said puppy fees have quadrupled for some breeds, adding value to potential thieves.



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