Dog is lucky to be alive after being bitten by an adder on a normal walk


A dog is lucky to be alive after being bitten by an adder on a walk in Tonyrefail, Wales, it takes four times a week

Ollie was attacked by an adder, Britain’s only venomous snake

A dog nearly died after being bitten by an adder while out for a walk.

The venomous snake struck Angie Evans’ pet Ollie while he was out walking in Tonyrefail, Wales, yesterday afternoon.

Angie said it was lucky the snake was a baby, as an adult bite would likely have killed Ollie.

Her friend Claire helped carry him to a car and they rushed to the vets, contacting them along the way to make sure they had antidote, WalesOnline reports.

Ollie was given pain relief and an IV to ensure he stayed hydrated.

Angie said: “The vet said not to let him walk but he is making very good progress in his recovery.

“He’s still very sore and quite fragile.

“We have received so many kind messages of concern for Ollie and I am so grateful that people have helped raise awareness of how serious this can be.”

Ollie is recovering thanks to his owner’s quick action


Angie Evans)

Now she has publicly called for people to keep an eye out for the native reptiles that have recently emerged from hibernation in an area popular with families.

She said: “Please be careful walking up the windmills in Tonyrefail from the Bog Pub.

“My dog ​​was bitten by an adder right on the main path. Please do not risk letting your dog off the leash.

“It was a baby adder bite – if it had been an adult snake it would have been fatal.

“We typically do this work at least four times a week and it’s an area that’s very, very popular with dog walkers and kids, so I want to [people] knowing that this happened and being careful.”

A adder attacked Ollie on Friday during his usual walk


(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

There are three species of snakes in Britain, but adders are the only venomous species.

The PDSA says adder bites typically occur between February and October, but are particularly common between June and August, and it’s most common for a dog to be bitten in the face, neck, or lower leg.

Veterinary experts MediVets say snakebites in dogs should be treated as an “emergency” and prompt response and treatment is crucial.

When your dog is bitten by an adder, they say you should:

  • Carry your dog as this will help stop the venom from circulating further in his body
  • Bathe the wound in cold water
  • Keep your dog warm and as calm and still as possible to prevent the poison from spreading

Her advice is: “If you suspect your dog has been bitten by a adder, you should take him to your vet immediately.

“An untreated adder bite can leave a dog dehydrated, have tremors as the venom spreads through the body, and can lead to organ damage if the reaction is severe enough.”

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MediVets also says the vet will likely treat the dog for shock and will prescribe painkillers and antihistamines for the swelling.

You can also use antidote.

Adders are typically small grey-brown snakes with a distinctive V-shaped marking on their heads and a dark zigzag pattern on their backs.

They are most common in long grass, forests, bogs and on the coast in sand dunes and along coastal paths.

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