Dogs rescued from kennel after activist organized sit-in


residents of Salt Lake City, Amy Meyer, won a major win for animal lovers everywhere after holding a four-day sit-in at the Missaukee County Sheriff’s Office. That sit-in eventually prompted the sheriff’s department and officials from three other counties to do so save all dogs from a local Jack Russel breeder.

A 2021 PETA investigation revealed the cruelty and terrible condition of the Jack Russell Terrier kennel. Her footage showed dogs confined in small crates and cages, many of which were housed outdoors in frigid conditions. It also showed Puppies with their tails cut off and twisted without pain relief. Despite this evidence the sheriff’s office did nothing. With that, Meyer’s sit-in was a great success.

PETA Vice President Dan Paden said: “Today, thanks to Amy Meyer’s bravery and selflessness, we can celebrate that these dogs have finally been rescued from the freezing cold. PETA hopes that anyone moved by their plight will never buy from a breeder and will always adopt from a shelter instead.”

All dogs have Has been removed from the breeding facility. PETA is now calling for animal cruelty charges against the breeder John D Jones, ones as well as for the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to prevent him from ever breeding dogs again.

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