Free vaccination in Amarillo for your dogs


We have heard a lot lately about the distemper outbreak in our area. Distemper is very dangerous and highly contagious for our dogs. Parvo is another dangerous disease for our four legged family members. With an outbreak of either of these recently, we need to make sure our dogs are vaccinated.

It’s a simple solution. Take them with you to get their shots. Animal management and animal welfare do their part. They are working to ensure that all of our dogs are protected. They are working to make vaccinations available and even free. So if the cost has deterred you from getting your dog vaccinated, there really is no excuse now.

Last weekend they started their shooting clinics. If you missed it last Saturday, you have three more. So there really is no excuse. You love your dogs and want to make sure they lead long and healthy lives. Do your part to protect them and keep the spread of distemper and parvos to a minimum.

  • Saturday, August 21: COA East Library, 2232 E. 27th St. 1pm to 3pm
  • Saturday, August 28: COA Southwest Library, 6801 W. 45th St. 1pm to 3pm
  • Saturday, September 4: COA North Library, 1500 NE 24th St. 1pm to 3pm

If there is something you can do to prevent this outbreak from spreading, this is the easiest thing for you. Nothing is worse than watching a poor, defenseless dog die of parvo or distemper. It’s just awful. Unfortunately, that has happened a lot lately.

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