French manufacturer of insect-based dog food launches cat food


French pet food manufacturer Reglo offers insect-based dog food as an alternative to meat and fish-based products and is ready to expand its portfolio with the launch of a new cat food line next year.

“Reglo currently only sells one product: dry dog ​​food,” said Basile Laigre, CEO and founder of the company. “It is made in France by a family company. Reglo plans to launch a full range of dog and cat food and treats in 2022. “

Laigre founded the pet food business in June 2020, stating that he wanted to offer French pet owners an ethical and sustainable alternative to traditional pet food brands. Reglo says its insect-based products provide dogs with the necessary daily intake of proteins, fats, acids, and minerals.

Respect for the environment and other animals

The founder of Reglo said he came up with the idea of ​​starting the company while volunteering for the Animal Welfare Association (SPA), France’s oldest organization of its kind. “As a volunteer for the SPA, I have the feed that we do give to pets, looked at more closely. I couldn’t find a healthy meal that was prepared with respect for the environment and other animals, ”said Laigre.

“So I decided to make ethical croquettes using insect-based protein. After meeting dozens of producers, several recipe tests, months of collaboration with animal nutrition experts and dog breeders … Reglo was born. “

Reglo says its products start at € 1.5 ($ 1.80) per day for dogs weighing approximately 15 kg (33 lb).

Growing demand for pet food based on insects

Laigre said he had seen increased demand for his company’s products, adding that Reglo’s current growth was part of a larger global trend that could transform the pet food industry around the world. “Insect-based products are on the rise around the world,” he said.

In light of the company’s potential overseas expansion, Laigre said Reglo’s efforts initially focused on strengthening its position in the French pet food sector. “Reglo is currently focusing on its home market.”

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