Friends bake dog biscuits for animal welfare

Addison and Ruben raise funds for Blue Cross.

Two dog-loving friends cooked their own dog treats to raise money to support an animal shelter center.

Ruben Putt from Leyburn and Addison Grange from Beadle were keen to support Blue Cross in Thirsk and came up with the idea of ​​making and selling dog biscuits.

The two are both Year 10 students at Richmond School and Sixth Form College.

The charity is close to their hearts as they are both animal lovers and Ruben’s dog Benny, an English Bull Terrier cross, arrived from Blue Cross in 2016 at the age of four.

Ruben first found a recipe online and then adapted it with additional ingredients that were key; flour, vegetable oil and water.

Their small and large bone-shaped cookies come in four flavors — peanut butter, doggie chocolate chips, veggie broth, or beef broth. The cookies have a shelf life of up to a month and are suitable for freezing.

The friends are selling the biscuits in packs of five for £2.50 or 10 for £5.00, with a special half price offer for first time purchases. So far they have raised £122 for Blue Cross.

Ruben and Addison said: “We really enjoyed spending our free time making dog biscuit treats and as animal lovers we were keen to support Blue Cross as they do so much to care for animals including dogs, cats and ponies.

“Animal welfare is very important to us and we would like to encourage others who are thinking of getting a dog or cat to consider a Blue Cross placement.”

Customers have included dog-owning friends and families, teachers and others who have heard about their offerings through word of mouth

Customer Tom Braham, Deputy Headmaster, said: “My dog ​​Tina, who is a Poochon, loves Ruben and Addison’s biscuits. As soon as she sees one she gets very excited – she likes all flavors but peanut butter is her favorite!”

The local Blue Cross Center is in Thirsk and each year thousands of cats, dogs, small pets and horses turn to their veterinary clinics, clinics and placement services for treatment so they can find the happy homes they deserve.

Additionally, their educational and behavioral teams prepare prospective pet owners to take responsibility for caring for their pets.

Jenny Day, Volunteer Coordinator at Blue Cross said: “The Blue Cross Thirsk team is so impressed with the initiative these two young people have shown and the empathy they have shown for the dogs in our care.

“Life in kennels is very stressful for our dogs and this act of kindness from Ruben and Addison showed they understood that and wanted to do something positive to help them.

“Thank you both for generously raising money to support our center and the dogs really enjoyed the cookies too.”

The dedicated duo have plans to continue their fundraiser and other projects they have in mind include a Blue Cross bake sale, which they hope other students can support by baking items for sale.


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