Fundraising campaigns to support the animal aid organization ADANA. in Estepona

The classic car event brought in € 1,386.65 Credit: ADANA

THREE fundraising drives in support of the animal charity ADANA in Estepona, which suffered terribly from the fire that hit the Sierra Bermeja. swept.

On Saturday October 9th, the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club Costa del Sol will open its clubhouse to visitors from 2pm on Calle Tabor, Malaga City, offering live music, cold drinks, food and the option of a number of bicycles to visit.

The next day, Sunday October 10th, it’s better for kids as Mundo Mania in Bel Air, Estepona, from 11am to 5pm, invites kids to have fun and help raise some money for ADANA.

There will be face painting, a raffle, slush puppies, hot dogs, cakes, stalls, and a visit from Marshall from Paws Patrol.

The standard entrance fee for Mundo Mania is charged, which can be viewed at

All money from the stand rental plus 10 percent of the entrance fee will be donated to the charity.

The third event takes place on Friday October 22nd from 6pm to 8pm at the Victoria and Albert Pub in Benavista and is basically a get-together for local dogs and their owners to show their support for the charity and possibly a or two Sipping drinks.

The event is hosted by Selena MacKenzie from Talk Radio Europe (TRE) and tickets, which should be booked in advance in the pub or at ADANA (, cost € 5 per dog and € 10 per person, with one for each visitor special dog bag.

A free classic car event was held at Premier Bodyshops in Estepona on Saturday September 25th and the impressive sum of € 1,386.65 was raised to help ADANA in its fight to replace anything lost in the fire .

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