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KOCHI: Getting your furry friends out for their routine grooming session is often seen as a chore by pet owners. Though various care centers have popped up around the city over the years, many people struggle to meet their appointments amid a busy work schedule. The long wait times make things worse. Now imagine this – what if the care center could come to you? Ernakulam Aborigines Derik Paul Joy and Josemon Francis started their mobile dog grooming business, Onsite Mobile Pet Grooming, to meet the needs of pet owners.

Shortly after graduation, the cousins ​​stopped having to think much about their future. Her love for pets was already where her heart was. Growing up in a family that had pet shops and kennels for training and breeding, her parents were also on board with her idea. “We believe that a mobile care service has never been introduced in Kerala before. The service will reach the location of the owner’s choice. You don’t have to take your dog in your car or wait for the session to be over,” says Josemon.

The services are available for all cat and dog breeds. Aside from offering regular baths, they have special treatment for tick and flea infestations and animals with certain skin conditions. The duo converted a Tempo Traveler into a caravan, adding a bathtub, water tank and shelves to store the produce. A waste bin was also installed. “Delhi, Chennai and Bengaluru are already offering such services. We took the hint to convert the vehicles based on models from other cities. Then we got approval from the automotive department,” says Derik. The duo has no professional training, so they support their certified groomer, Vinny Paul.

The services are provided taking into account the temperament of the pet. “Since the owner also accompanies them, the animals are mostly calm. If not, we take the time to make them comfortable,” says Josemon.

In a short period of time, the three-month-old project is very popular through word of mouth in Kochi and neighboring districts such as Alapuzha, Kottayam and Thrissur. In addition to grooming, the duo also provide training, day care and boarding facilities for pets.

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