Habersham Animal Shelter Fundraising for Life Saving Transporter


The Habersham County Animal Shelter is raising funds for a van that’s much more than just a means of transportation — it’s a way to save animal lives.

Habersham County Animal Care and Control (HCACC) staff are committed to helping abandoned, abandoned and stray animals find their way to forever homes, and one of the ways they accomplish this on a weekly basis is through transportation.

“Since 2019, HCACC has saved hundreds of lives by transporting euthanized dogs and cats to animal welfare organizations in the Northeast and Midwest where they were adopted,” said HCACC Director Madi Nix. “However, since we do not have our own transport vehicle, we have had to rely on the generosity of other rescue groups to provide unused space on their vans when available.”

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Nix says the shelter has helped authorities transport 1,176 pets, about half of which are from the Habersham shelter, which has struggled to find homes in the area in the past year alone. However, because the shelter has to rely on other organizations to make these transports, Habersham transports fewer animals than they could.

Nix and the rest of the HCACC team hope that with the help of the community, this will end soon. At the moment the HCACC is raising funds for their own transport truck, which will enable them to transport these animals all by themselves.

The shelter hopes to purchase a 2020 Ford Transit, which would allow them to transport up to 40 animals in one trip. The shelter does not currently have its own truck.

“The new van will have the capacity to transport a minimum of 20 to a maximum of 40 animals, in a combination of up to 20 dogs and/or 40 cats per trip,” says Nix. “Through our own transporter, HCACC is able to rescue more than 1,000 homeless animals per year, more than double our current transports, while reducing the number of animals that are euthanized simply because our shelter is overcrowded.”

The Road to Rescue campaign runs through April and has a fundraising goal of $66,000. As of Wednesday, the fundraiser has raised $3,694 with help from 25 donors. Individuals can donate to the campaign online through Fundly.

All donations made during the Road to Rescue campaign help purchase a new Ford Transit van and fund modifications, fuel and driver fees for the first year. Local businesses that donate $5,000 or more to the campaign will receive their logo on the van and be promoted on HCACC social media.

To learn more about the campaign or if you have any questions about HCACC, click here.

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