Hardin County Animal Shelter Waived Fees For Adopting Large Dogs | local news


To help find homes for large dogs, the Hardin County Animal Shelter is running a kennel clearout special.

Hardin County animal care and control director Mike McNutt said the shelter is currently “crammed full” of large dogs, and department staff are working quickly to find them forever homes.

“We’re really just trying to make some space,” he said. “There are many animals that need our help. So the quicker we can get rid of them, the more animals we can help.”

To alleviate the problem, the shelter decided to waive the adoption fee for large dogs. However, they do encourage those who adopt to leave a donation. The typical adoption fee is $90.

McNutt also said adoption has slowed recently, which he attributes to rising costs in various areas of life, including gasoline.

These dogs have all their vaccinations, licenses, a spay or spay and are microchipped.

McNutt said they currently have around 120 animals at the shelter. By Saturday, he said, 33 large dogs should be available for adoption.

Since the launch of the special Tuesday, a number of dogs, including some long-term residents, have been adopted, with adoptees also making donations.

“I truly believe that Hardin County is one of the best communities there is,” he said. “When we make a call like that, the public usually shows up.”

MuNutt said the special will continue until the large numbers diminish and more space becomes available. He said the more adoptions, the more they can put dogs in safe homes and make room for other dogs that need help.

The shelter is open Monday through Friday from 4 p.m. to 4 p.m. However, the shelter is closed on Monday due to June 16th. Dogs can also be viewed on Petfinder.com.


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