Help find a foster home for Bruno


The Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home has urgently requested to help puppy Bruno find a short term stay support financially placement to help him recover before another operation.

Bruno, an eight-month-old German Shepherd cross, suffered an injury at his previous home that resulted in him breaking his right front leg.

Bruno is due for surgery on Wednesday, which means a strict rest period and a kennel environment will only hamper his recovery.

Amy Souster, Operations Manager at Cam-based Kennels said: “By finding him a great carer who can give him lots of time, attention and stimulation, we believe he will recover more successfully, both physically and mentally.

“He had surgery before he came into our care but it was clear his leg was still causing him trouble walking and probably a lot of pain.

“His leg looked like it had healed at an odd angle at the level of his metacarpals (the bones in his paw). Bruno also had noticeable carpal hyperextension (an anomaly of the wrist that causes hyperextension).

“Bruno is a fun loving pup, he is very affectionate and loves to curl up on your lap for lots of kisses and cuddles.

“We booked Bruno as soon as possible to have X-rays of his leg at Vale Vets, Dursley to assess how the fracture has healed. Although the fracture was not entirely straight, the fracture proceeded well, so it was decided to try rest, receive pain relief, and monitor for ongoing lameness. As he is a young dog we were hoping for a full recovery with no long term complications.

Bruno 1 |  Help find a foster home for Bruno

“Although he was great initially and used his leg well, unfortunately he is now back with lameness and pain in that leg. Further investigations were required.

“Bruno has now had a CT scan at Vale Vets, Dursley to give us a better idea of ​​whether further surgery would be the next level of treatment.

“While we eagerly await the results, Bruno is now being rested and receiving pain relief. We anticipate that the cost will continue to rise once we know the next form of treatment. But his medical expenses are already around £1,150 (X-ray, CT scan and pain relief).”

Can you sponsor Bruno through his treatment? Just 10 pounds a month could really help this boy get back on his feet.

If you would like to be a part of Bruno’s healing journey then get in touch and fill out a Perfect Match form on the CDCH website

If you can’t offer a foster home, you can help by supporting him on his road to recovery and sharing his story far and wide!


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