“I can’t wait to share a good bond”


Hunt Bryant with dogs

Chase Bryant

Chase Bryant has added another pet member to his family.

In mid-September, the “Little Bit of You” singer welcomed a puppy named Goose, and he wasn’t shy about showing them off and posting an adorable one Photo of the pet on Instagram.

“I’ll leave this here in a minute,” the country star captioned the photo of the puppy sitting on a rocking chair.

Goose is a 10 week old German Shorthaired Pointer, a breed known to be great hunting companions. Bryant first met the breed during a hunting trip with the Iowa Hunting Lodge Heritage in 1865, where the pop singer was allowed to go out in a group that included German short-haired pointing dogs.

“I’m really excited about this new puppy, Goose. I had the chance not long ago to visit Heritage 1865 and hunt down pointers for the first time, ”says Bryant PEOPLE. “It was amazing to see them at work.”

Chase Bryant's dog goose

Chase Bryant’s dog goose

Chase Bryant

This trip inspired Bryant to get his older dog Trigger, also a German Shorthair cat, and then Goose. Like Trigger, Goose trains to help hunt pigeons, ducks, and quails.

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“I’ve wanted bird dogs all my life, so I can’t wait to share a good bond with Goose,” adds Bryant of the relationship he begins with the puppy.

Trigger also enjoys the extra canine company. The older pup lets Goose rule the house at home, but is also the one who shows her how to do it while training.

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