If you see this bug in New York State, it will ask you to report it [PHOTOS]


It’s winter in New York State, but you know the warmer weather will be here before you know it. There is something to consider in June and July.

In the damp and rainy weather, that usually means bugs are even worse than they usually are, and that’s the case with my garden. I’ve seen so many mosquitos, fruit flies, midges and spiders in the past few weeks, although I totally agree with the spiders as they help keep the pest population down.

However, there is one flaw to be aware of.

According to NYSDEC, there is a bug called a lantern fly. This lantern fly has one of three stages that change its appearance.

If you encounter this bug in your yard at any of these stages, they will ask you to take pictures, write down the location where you found the bug, and then report it to NY AG & Markets.

While these bugs look pretty, they’re very invasive and can cause significant damage, according to NYSDEC.

If you have valuable plants or trees in your garden, it is best to keep an eye out for any unusual bugs, especially if you see ones that are similar to this one as they are invasive.

August is also around the corner, so the weather may get even stickier, which in turn increases the likelihood of bugs.

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