Inca the Jaguar takes its first steps outside at the Big Cat Sanctuary in Ashford


The delightful moment when a young jaguar cub takes its first steps outside was captured in front of the camera.

The four-month-old Inca, the black jaguar, was first caught exploring the great outdoors at Ashford’s Big Cat Sanctuary.

Watch: Inka the Jaguar Boy takes her first steps outside

The cute footage shows the little Inca – who has received her two vaccinations – curiously sticking her head out from behind her hatch.

While her mother Keira gives her an encouraging nudge and stays by her side, the young cat goes on a search.

A spokeswoman for the Big Cat Sanctuary said, “Before we knew it, Inka started exploring their new home, wandering around, smelling everything and taking in their new surroundings.

“In a very short time Keira and Inka started playing together, chasing each other and jumping at each other. Inka even made it to the top of the tree platform all by himself. Mom, Keira was so patient while Inka grows and gets by day livelier by the day. She definitely won the Mum of the Year award. “

Inka the jaguar has been in the media spotlight before. Photo: Big Cat Sanctuary

This isn’t the first time adventurous big kittens have made the news.

Inka, who was named in a competition that also raised more than £ 10,000 for jaguar protection in Costa Rica, was recently the subject of an online dispute between the sanctuary and an infamous Netflix star.

Carol Baskin, who shamed Tiger King to shame in the documentary, criticized the sanctuary after Inca’s birth, saying it made the newborn a “lifelong prisoner.”

“It is shameful that the Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent, England, is breeding and so is obviously not a sanctuary,” said Ms. Baskin, who was accused on the smash show of feeding her missing husband to lions.

The shelter shot back in an open letter saying its goal was “to provide a future for one of the world’s most endangered and iconic cats”.

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