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Ralph was one of 26 dogs rescued by the RSPCA in October 2020 when their owner was struggling with so many animals. The tiny terrier had been kept in a dark shed with very little human contact.

When Ralph came into the care of the charity’s Block Fen Animal Center in Cambridgeshire, he was very nervous and had a dirty, matted coat.

Kennel Supervisor Tiffany Saunders said: “When Ralph arrived he was completely turned off.

“He huddled against the back of his kennel and spent all his time staring at the wall.

“He was very matted and covered in feces and urine.

“The team spent weeks just sitting quietly in his kennel and offering him treats.

“Eventually he came up behind us and grabbed the treats from our hand before running off to the safety of his corner and eating them.

“He didn’t eat his dinner until the evening after we’d all gone home, it was heartbreaking.”

RSPCA center staff worked with Ralph for months to build his confidence and get him used to wearing a collar and leash so he could go for walks.

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“Ralph loves our other dog, Rosie, and she helped him with some initial problems with toilet training and driving.

“Ralph and Rosie love going for woodland walks and we recently took the bold step of letting Ralph off his leash so he can run and play when we are in safe areas, he absolutely loves that.

“Ralph has made many new friends – some four-legged, some two-legged – and has gradually overcome any insecurities.

“Our regular acquaintances say they can’t believe how he went from being a nervous seven year old puppy to such a happy, confident dog.

“Ralph is a lovely little fellow who melts the hearts of everyone he meets and is well loved by our entire family, especially the grandchildren.

“He’s a very sensitive and gentle character who may never fully escape his story, but he brings love into our home every day.

“We believe the day we met him was the start of a wonderful relationship for all of us.”

Ms Saunders added: “It’s so wonderful to see how well Ralph is doing now in his new home, he is unrecognizable from the terrified little dog who arrived with his friends almost 18 months ago during lockdown.

“That’s what we do this job for, so dogs like Ralph get the second chance they deserve.”


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