It takes a village growing trap, neuter, release program


MUSCATINE, Iowa – To reduce the number of stray and feral cats in Muscatine County, and to reduce the rush at regional animal shelters, It Takes a Village Animal Rescue and Resources publicly announced the Village Trap, Neuter and Release program in October 2021.

“With our Village TNR program, we’re not only stopping the breeding cycle of these cats, we’re improving their lives and health with vaccines, which also reduce the spread of disease in our local wildlife,” shared Takes a Village Founder Meagan Koehler. “Reducing stray and wild cat populations will help free up local government and animal control resources to avoid being spent on annoying cat calls and will drastically reduce the burden on local shelters and rescues,” she added.

Trapping, neutering and releasing refers to the process of catching, neutering or neutering and vaccinating wild cats and then releasing them to their colony or other safe location.

For the program to be successful, It Takes a Village relies on a large number of volunteers. Kim Curry acts as It Takes a Village’s TNR coordinator, working with people who have a cat colony on or near their property to schedule a time to take in the animals or to capture them appropriately (depending on how they cooperate get along with the people), and find volunteers who help with the trapping process and work with local farmers to acclimatize the released animals as stable cats if necessary. Bill Danner and Angela Mathis are volunteering to bring the stray and feral cats to and from the Iowa Humane Alliance in Cedar Rapids to be neutered, neutered and vaccinated.

So far, It Takes a village has successfully carried out TNR with 50 cats. A recent US $ 1,400 grant from the Miccio Foundation in Iowa City enabled them to focus their efforts on one particularly large colony of cats. However, you will still need assistance to ensure that the program is successful. If you want to volunteer, especially as a scholarship holder, you can get It Takes a Village via. to contact Facebook message. You can also donate to them through PayPal or Venmo, or mail a check to It Takes a Village Animal Rescue and Resources, PO Box 634, Muscatine, Iowa 52761.

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