Lindsey Graham says that women “have a place in America” ​​and “can go anywhere” if they are against abortion


Lindsey Graham said that young women in America can achieve anything they want if they stand up for life, embrace religion, and follow a traditional family structure.

Republican Senator for South Carolina cited Judge Amy Coney Barrett as a role model when speaking at a campaign rally in Conway, South Carolina.

“Do you know what I like about Judge Barrett? She has it all, ”said the Senator. “Not only is she damn smart, she is incredibly good. She professes her faith.

“I want every young woman to know that if you stand up for life, if you embrace your religion and if you follow the traditional family structure, there is a place for you in America. That you can go anywhere, young lady, ”he added.

Mr Graham is fighting in a highly competitive election campaign against Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison, the party’s first black leader in the state.

During a debate against Mr. Harrison, the Senator was heavily criticized for saying that young blacks and immigrants in South Carolina “can go anywhere” adding, “you just have to be conservative, not liberal”.

Similar anger erupted online this weekend when Twitter users reminded the Senator that it wasn’t the 1950s or the 19th century.

Others pointed to the hypocrisy of a 65-year-old man who had neither married nor children and who taught women how to cling to a “traditional family structure”.

While South Carolina is a Republican stronghold – Senator Graham won by 15.6 percentage points in 2014 – this year’s election surprised many by how competitive it has become.

Polls lead Mr Graham by the single digits, albeit possibly within the margin of error.

Many voters seem spurred when the Senator transferred Judge Barrett’s nomination and validation to the Supreme Court – previously on record that no new judges should be appointed in election years.

Donald Trump is almost guaranteed to win the state and its nine votes in the electoral college.


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