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Be kind to animals. It seems like an ethos most people would already follow, but a week devoted to this cause seeks to get people to think about the effects they are having on animals. Led by Victoria’s Edgar’s Mission and supported by Little Oak Sanctuary near Bungendore – both homes for rescued livestock – the week aims to demonstrate how simple steps can have a huge impact on all those furry, feathered, fleeced, and fin lovers. “The week does what it says on the tin – it’s supposed to be animal-friendly,” says Lisa Green from Canberra, who works as a volunteer at Little Oak Sanctuary. “But it also focuses on getting people to make commitments and changes in their lives, and also be aware of the impact of their choices on animals they eat and take these steps, but it encompasses all animals. So let’s look at our wildlife and our pets. “Now in its 11th year, the Be Kind to Animals week – ending Thursday – hopes to surpass 5,000 pledges from people who want to commit to plant-based recipes for the week for non-animal products Contain products that have not been tested on animals or even commit to random kindnesses. To help attendees make their promise, attendees will receive free kindness kits and daily emails with plant-based recipe inspiration and other friendliness tips. There is also a chance to win a basket full of ethical goodies. READ MORE: “I know from personal experience we didn’t know what happened to animals in Australia before we started the shelter. Kate Luke, founder of Little Oak Sanctuary, says. “Once you know the information, people can make informed decisions about what to support. But for us that has led to the fact that we became vegan and run the animal shelter just because keeping animals brings so much suffering. ”And it’s simple It’s that easy nowadays to be happy and healthy without animal products. But you can do it gradually as it suits you. You can support your favorite charity by volunteering or donating, organizing a beach or park cleaning, turning off water for local wildlife, and much more, “says Pam Ahern, founder and director of Edgar’s Mission. For more information, visit .au. Our journalists are working hard to keep the community updated with local, breaking news, so you can continue to access our trusted content:


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