Local dog rescue overwhelmed with dogs…


Can we overpower them with help?

Just a few months ago, the Boca Grande Fire Department had an unexpected guest, a cute but unhealthy dog ​​who clearly needed veterinary attention. After a failed attempt to get help from the nearest animal shelter, BGFD turned to Rescue Garage, a local non-profit dog rescue facility, for help. Rescue Garage took the call and got the poor pup, named him ‘Waldo’, provided proper care and recently found him forever at home. Now, that same rescue is in danger of closing their doors until they get some much-needed help. Rescue workers are faced with an unprecedented number of calls for help from overcrowded shelters and people in the community who are no longer able to care for their animals.

This, compounded by numerous medical cases and rising costs, has spread this small rescue too thin and they have absolutely no space and resources to continue their mission. Monetary donations are welcome, but there are many ways to keep this organization going. Rescue Garage is in dire need of a bigger building to continue their mission. They may have a contractor and an architect who volunteered their time and labor, but they need donations and building materials to make it happen. In the meantime, they’ve had to wait to remove endangered dogs from local shelters’ euthanasia lists.

Rescue Garage needs foster homes, adoptive homes, and volunteers to do a variety of jobs. To donate to ongoing veterinary expenses, payments can be made directly to the Hardee Animal Clinic for Rescue Garage by calling (863) 773-2424. Items can also be purchased from Amazon and Chewy Wishlists and automatically shipped to the rescue. For links to Amazon and Chewy lists, as well as funding, adoption, and volunteering applications, visit Rescue’s website, rescuegarage.org. Donations can also be made on the website or mailed to Rescue Garage, 3133 Ulman Ave., North Port, FL 34286.

Pictured is one of the most recent medical cases: “Sphinx,” a poodle mix puppy who was consigned to the rescue with parvovirus.


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