Local shelter sees surge in rescues in spring | Messages


Oneida Humane Society 3-29-22

Rhinelander, Wisconsin (WJFW) – Amanda Haydon is director of the Oneida County Humane Society. She oversees all operations taking place there.

“The Oneida County Humane Society is a 501c3 non-profit organization, which means we are not funded by the government or umbrella organizations,” said Amanda Haydon.

Once spring arrives there seems to be an increase in animals showing up at local shelters as opposed to another time of year like winter or fall. Because of this, the need for volunteers to help is vital.

“Mostly because once the smell goes away, new smells can come out and animals stray here,” she said.We have a few staff and volunteers that come in and take care of the animals, Haydon said.

Ezra Johnson sees all kinds of animals at the shelter.

“We take pretty much every single species of animal, guinea pigs, hamster rats, dogs, cats, whatever, except zoo animals,” Ezra Johnson said.

Despite the connections they have educated, They look forward to giving animals a second life.

“We’re kind of sad that they have to leave their homes,” Johnson said. “We’re happy to give them another chance to find a new home where someone will take proper care of them,” he added.

Amanda says the Humane Society always needs help. If you volunteer, you can do all sorts of things to help.

“You can volunteer,” Amanda said. “You can always volunteer to help with cleaning, walk dogs, and sometimes volunteer for paperwork at events,” she added.


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