Most Promising Metaverse Projects for 2022, Funding Roundup Edition


This year has been a hot year for crypto and Blockchain Projects, with the growth of the DeFi world and many innovations in the areas of NFT and play-to-earn games. A proper niche is emerging that is increasingly attracting mainstream users – something that can be considered the greatest achievement of 2021.

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Looking ahead to 2022, there are endless opportunities thanks to the myriad of innovative start-up-led projects that blossomed this year. They are the hottest Crypto Projects that will stir up this industry.

SynCity, the most successful Binance IGO

SynCity is a free play-to-earn crypto game that aims to provide wider access to potential users. As blockchain veterans and gamers alike already know, play-to-earn games have grown in popularity as they offer the opportunity to earn a full-time salary while playing online.

However, since the most popular crypto games – like Axie Infinit – require an initial investment, SynCity is free and allows all users to get into action right away. It is also the first Mafia-based crypto game with a unique “Mafia as a DAO” governance system that allows players to manage their own syndicates.

SynCity has in the first 30 minutes of the IGO start on. raised over $ 3.5 million Binancewhere users could mainly shop NFTs and tokens used in the game.

In addition, the success of SynCity IGO came directly after the company under the leadership of former CEO Roy Liu at TRON —Corner Growth Acquisition Corp. 2 (NASDAQ: TRON) – had a fundraising round of November. $ 8 million raised Pull out Co-founder Justin Kan and Goat capital. Other participants included A&T capital, Chop VC, Animoca brands (ASX: AB1) and Spartan group.

Right now, it’s ranked # 1 for collections on the Binance NFT platform, and with over 200,000 subscribers, it could break the crypto game ecosystem.

SPACE, the social commerce platform

This is a social commerce platform for the SPACE Metaverse that recently raised $ 7 million from numerous well-known VCs such as: Coin funds, Dapper Labs, Digital currency group, Animoca brands, Courtyard capital, and more.

Since the cryptocurrency and the DeFi Worlds are very “technical” – although they are comfortable and safe – PLACE wants to bring back the human aspect of the experience. The social ecosystem gives users the ability to virtually meet, chat, and naturally develop a community-managed economic environment.

With dedicated virtual spaces, SPACE enables people and companies to access the metaverse and sell items such as works of art, fashion and music, thereby creating incentives for collaboration with users who want to create and develop virtual companies with a special toolkit.

As the founder of SPACE Metaverse Batis Samadian said, the SPACE Hub aims to become the “Shopify of the Metaverse”.

DOGAMÍ, the NFT-based crypto game

So far, NFTs and play-to-earn games have boomed separately. While most P2E games are NFT based, they are still a minor minor matter compared to the game itself. Imagine NFT Collection that also features gamified mechanics, such as the ability to upgrade and evolve NFTs and increase their rarity.

One such NFT-based crypto game that has been drawing attention for the past few days is DOGAMÍ. Supported on the Tezos Blockchain – which is based on the eco-friendly proof-of-stake consensus mechanism – DOGAMÍ enables users to breed and raise virtual 3D puppies.

With a choice of over 300 dog breeds, each NFT-based puppy is unique and leads to earning DOGA tokens as a reward for completing tasks. DOGA tokens can be used for in-game purchases and upgrades or can be exchanged on secondary central and decentralized markets.

In addition to creating value, DOGAMÍ wants users to interact through a mobile AR app to connect with the pups. With this additional function, DOGAMì is concentrating on developing a complete “Petaverse” for its users.

DOGAMÍ recently raised $ 6 million from highly valued companies such as: Ubisoft, Animoca brands, The Sandpit‘s co-founder, XAnge, Blockchain start-up fund, Capital of Ghaf, and Cloth maker Goren Holm.

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