“Nightmare neighbors” who left the Lanarkshire landlord out of their pockets could move north again


Nightmarish neighbors, whom a Coatbridge landlord claims to have lost thousands of pounds out of his pocket, have reportedly struck again, this time in Cumbria, and may soon be returning to Scotland.

Sentenced Conwoman Janet Perrie, 65, was sentenced to 22 months in prison in 2009 after embezzling more than £ 130,000 from the Scottish Conservatives where she worked as a political assistant.

After her imprisonment, the bank seized the Orbiston Kennels in Bellshill, owned by Perrie. Fiona Hope, 58, was the manager of the dog breed kennel, which had mortgage arrears of £ 15,000.

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Perrie, who also uses the surname Roy, was the subject of Channel 5’s television program, The Nightmare Neighbors Next Door, along with his girlfriend and roommate Hope.

The couple had moved to an Ayrshire cottage owned by a Coatbridge man and had more than 20 dogs, including Rottweilers, living with them. Colin Burns later claimed they cost him around £ 20,000 in rental arrears and repairs before making a “runner”.

He also said he had never seen “such filth” after they “totally devastated the property” and covered it with dog poop.

Colin Burns claimed the couple left him £ 20,000 out of his pocket

Perrie and Hope are now on trial in Carlisle as their current landlords, Gary and Maggie Philip, attempt to evict them from a property they bought in July.

Perrie and Hope were previously tenants of the Alston, Cumbria property, but they did not move out of the house as agreed in January, citing Covid issues.

Gary said, “We can’t enter the property at all now; They say we molest them and all sorts of things. They claim my wife attacked one of them and spat on one of them.

“We’ve seen the previous stories about them and it’s almost a reflection of what they’re doing here. I am amazed how they continue to get away with it. “

Gary, 64, and Maggie, 58, have been forced to stay in a barn owned by the previous owners of the cottage while awaiting a court hearing as they attempt to remove Perrie and Hope from the four-bedroom country house.

Maggie added, “You have 24 dogs and over 100 ducks in the house and there’s nowhere to put them – it’s bizarre!

“They mined concrete and built sheds without permission.

“They are just absolutely horrific, and what they did to Colin Burns was horrific. And if you could see what they were doing here …

Orbiston Kennels in Bellshill, owned by Perrie but repossessed by the bank

“They haven’t paid rent since May and it’s about £ 7,000.

“They accused me of walking over the fence and spitting, which made me so angry. I just don’t do things like that.

“They are a bad couple and people need to know and stop them. You have hurt so many people, but now you have met someone who will fight back. “

Gary added, “Our hope is that they won’t do this to anyone else.”

When Lanarkshire Live brought allegations about her current landlord’s claims and those of Colin Burns to Janet Perrie, she replied, “I have no idea what you’re talking about. We are in the process of moving away from here. “

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