Ninja Doge, a multi-utility token, announces its upcoming mobile game and NFTs


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San Francisco, Calif .– (Newsfile Corp. – Aug. 24, 2021) – Ninja Doge is a multi-utility token from the Binance Smart Chain Network that features a mobile game, NFTs, and charity donations in a single ninja package. It’s a long-term initiative that aims to become a moon shot while benefiting nonprofit animal groups. The co-founders of this project are seasoned technology experts from Silicon Valley and have several years of experience with Google and Juniper Networks.

Similar to other Doge tokens, Ninjadoge is equipped with a control system. 5% rewards in Dogecoin to encourage “holding”. 5% for buyback and token burn to keep the price deflationary. 2% for liquidity to improve price stability. 1% for donations to local animal organizations. Ninja Doge believes that “giving to smaller groups will have a significant impact on the communities around them. It might not make a difference to donate $ 10,000 to a large animal welfare organization, but donating to a local animal welfare organization for mom and dad makes all the difference. “

What is attractive about the charity donation method, aside from the fact that it is primarily aimed at local animal organizations, is that the Ninja Doge community can vote on which charity to choose with every 3,000 owner ownership. The winner will be selected at random when all submissions have been received and confirmation of the entry will be published on their social networks.

A mobile game developed by the same developers who created Fortnite is also part of Ninja Doge’s exciting ambitions. According to the creators, 50% of the in-game revenue from skins and gems is reinvested in the $ NINJADOGE charts. The team also stated that given the addictive gameplay and artistic ninjadoge characters, the game will appeal to all ages. However, the team has not yet announced details of the gameplay. The Ninja Doge Mobile game will be released for iOS and Android at the end of August 2021.

There are also plans for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The team has promised that anyone will be able to purchase their limited edition NFT trading cards on their website once they are released. There will only be 3000 cards and each one will be unique and feature characters from the ninjadoge ecosystem. Receiving cards is randomized with a chance to receive rare cards. These rare cards generate additional Dogecoin rewards for the NFT holder. The reward system shared by the team is as follows:

– 1st & 2nd level: no additional rewards
– 3rd level: 10% more rewards
– 4th level: 30% more rewards
– 5th level: 100% more rewards

The team has confirmed that if you have more than one rare card, the rewards will stack. So if you own all of the rare cards, you can earn 640% more rewards. For example, if someone owns all of the rare cards and receives $ 1000 DOGE, they will receive 6400 DOGE per reward cycle (every 3 days).

This seems like the BIGGEST reward reflection in NFT history!

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