OUR VIEW: Doing the hard work | editorial


THUMBS UP to the Muskogee Animal Shelter staff and animal inspectors.

The animal shelter with 49 dog kennels has been working at full capacity since the Easter weekend.

Animal control officers care for all types of dogs, cats and other animals as needed. It’s not a job for everyone. It’s a challenge every day. Animals can be unpredictable and difficult to catch. But we do have some dedicated Animal Control Officers who are patient, caring and have the animal’s welfare at heart.

The shelter staff do their best to take care of the incoming pets. They stay in touch with the rescue workers on site who will help if they are able. They also work with groups to transport dogs to other areas of the country.

We can all help the folks at the shelter by having our pets spayed or neutered.

• • •

THUMBS UP to the dozens of volunteers honored at the recent 13th Nonprofit Resource Center and Neighbors Building Neighborhoods Volunteer Recognition Event.

“Volunteers do the work,” said Jerry Keeley, NBN’s chief executive officer.

When no other way can be found and no one else cares, volunteers fill those gaps in so many parts of our society, Keeley said.

Local volunteers give and give and give. They help feed the hungry. They ensure that the children have coats, school supplies and food. They organize parades and fundraisers. They make sure Muskogee kids get presents for Christmas. You will do anything to selflessly provide for the needs of others.

We appreciate their sacrifices.


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