Overcrowding in Dumb Friends League emergency shelter leads to unusual decline in adoptions; Pandemic can be the cause


DENVER – Dozens of dogs are currently available for adoption by the League of stupid friends in Denver. A number that they are not used to.

“We have an unusually large number of dogs available for adoption,” said Joan Thielen.

Thielen of the Dumb Friends League says the number of animals that come in isn’t uncommon.

“In the summer months, the Dumb Friends League, more pets tend to come to the animal shelter. So we have more animals in our care, ”explains Thielen.

What they didn’t expect was the lack of demand from potential pet owners.

“It’s pretty average how many animals are entering the shelter now, but we see fewer adopters coming into the building,” Thielen told Denver7.

It has gotten so crowded that the shelter is putting dogs in kennels, usually reserved for animals that have already been adopted and are waiting to be picked up.

From April 1st to June 9th of this year, the Dumb Friends League recorded an 18% decrease in dog adoptions compared to 2019. This means that in 2021, 231 fewer dogs have found a permanent home. While you’re not sure why adoption numbers have dropped. Thielen speculates that the pandemic played a role.

“There could be a decrease in adoptions because people are going back to work. So you may not be home and can adopt right now,” said Theilen.

The shelter no longer needs appointments. Dumb Friends hopes this will open the doors for potential adoptive parents.

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