PACC exceeds the maximum capacity


TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) – Pima Animal Care Center is in desperate need of community help as they are well out of the ordinary.

“It’s hard, we really need adoptive parents, we really need caregivers,” said Nikki Reck, spokeswoman for PACC.

At the moment they take in between 75 and 100 dogs a day, which is more than are adopted and it leads to overcrowing. As a result, dogs have to be housed in kennels at the front entrance, in executive offices, and meeting and open-plan rooms.

“We had a couple of good days when we got more out than we took in, but weren’t clear,” said Reck. “The truth is, we really need to get to a point where we have empty kennels and don’t use any of those empty spaces.”

The summer months are usually busier, but Reck says they’ve never seen it that way.

“Various factors contribute to this, including an enormous increase in stray dogs that have no tags and no microchips,” said Reck. “They are pets that just have no identification, we know they belong to someone.”

Larger than normal hoard boxes also keep the kennels full. This is one of the reasons PACC is resuming its “Dog Day Outings” and “Pawjama” parties – so you can take a dog home for the day and even keep it overnight.

“This means we are seen in areas where people might not see us,” said Reck. “These programs are so amazing because they show you, ‘Wow, this dog is so amazing and so good that I could take him home with me.'”

But even such a program is not a permanent solution. PACC’s greatest need are nursing homes and forest houses.

“There are so many dogs that I love here that I personally know that they are great with children and cats, it is difficult to see them sitting,” said Reck.

PACC currently has 500-600 dogs available for foster care or adoption.

PACC offers further information on adoption, care or day programs on its website

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