Perthshire dog owners asked to remain vigilant after kennel theft


Perth and Kinross residents have been warned to be vigilant within a week of dog theft in and around the area.

The incidents occurred last Monday morning and Thursday afternoon, when two working dogs were caught from locked kennels.

However, there was better news late last week when a family was reunited with one of their stolen dogs after it was found abandoned on the streets of a Perthshire village.

And the discovery has heightened hope that her other stolen pooch can also be recovered.

Eleven year old Springer Spaniel Maggie, 11, was found on the streets of Crieff – about 80 miles from her home in Kingussie – Friday afternoon before being turned over to a local vet.

Maggie and her sibling Trigger (3) were caught from locked kennels in their home between Sunday, July 11th, 11pm and Monday, July 12th, 8am.

Owners Torben and Laura Meilandt Jessen were “thrilled” to hear that she was found, but Torben has asked anyone with video surveillance in the area to contact you to help track down the younger spaniel Trigger.

Trigger of the Springer Spaniel is still missing

He added: “We are of course very happy that it has been found. I have to thank Missing Pets, Perth and Kinross Scotland for being so helpful.

“Fortunately, she was just a little dehydrated, but she seems fine.

“If anyone has video surveillance to help us find triggers, especially around Dollerie Terrace and Inchbrakie Drive, that would be very welcome.

“Hopefully we’ll get some good news about Trigger soon, but we can’t thank the people who shared the posts online enough.”

But one Perthshire family was “devastated” after their two working dogs were stolen from a farm in broad daylight last Thursday.

The thieves broke the locks of the outdoor kennels in Amulree before escaping with the female Golden Cocker Spaniels.

Owner Iona McGregor, 18, was out of the house between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m.

Police officers have been investigating the incident and both dogs’ microchips are now marked as stolen.

Iona said, “We are all absolutely devastated, I just don’t see how anyone can do this.

“You are and always have been part of the family.

“The stress and suffering they will go through are unimaginable.

The Amulree Cocker Spaniels were taken last Thursday

“We need them back, they have to come back, that’s just not fair.

“We took all possible precautions to protect them, including video surveillance and padlocks.

“The punishment for dog theft must be stronger and longer.”

A police spokesman for Scotland said: “We are currently investigating the theft of two dogs from a farm in Amulree, near Dunkeld.

“While the spaniels have remarkable financial worth, most of all they belong to a family that is upset and concerned about their well-being.

“Two vehicles were seen near the station during the relevant period, a white Transit and a blue Ford Focus.

“At this point it is not known whether any of the vehicles were involved in the theft and we want to track down the drivers of both vehicles to see if they have any information that could help us.

“If you have any information that may aid our investigation, please call 101 or speak to a police officer.

“Information can also be given anonymously via CrimeStoppers on 0800 555 111.

“Our reference is the 2071 incident on July 15th.”

With two kennel thefts occurring within days, Katie McCandless-Thomas of Missing Pets Perth and Kinross asked residents to be careful.

“We ask residents to be very vigilant, especially when someone keeps their dogs in kennels [the Amulree incident] seems like a planned theft, “she said.

“We would advise if you keep dogs in outdoor kennels that they are securely locked and even check out security systems if you don’t already have one.”

Anyone with information about a theft is urged to contact the police on 101 or to contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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