Pet friendly home design tips to get tails wagging


RESIDENTIAL-Design really went to the dogs – and it makes tails wag.

Across Perth, many homeowners are using pet-friendly design in their new builds, Renos, or adding functionality to established pads to create safer spaces and make Fido easier to care for.

According to design experts, they also help make furry, feathery, or scaly friends feel at home.

“Some of us, myself included, believe that our pets are part of the family and that their happiness is as important as our own,” said Miriam Terry, director of STATE28 Interiors.

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are spending more time at home and are gaining a better understanding of how our fur babies live. Hence, the desire to create a better sanctuary for pets is becoming more common. “

When designing homes for clients with small or sometimes trapped animals such as birds, fish and snakes, architect Suzanne Hunt takes into account where the owners want them to be.

For larger animals such as dogs and cats, she has to plan indoor and outdoor sleeping areas such as beds and kennels, access facilities such as pet hatches and locations for feed stores, water and feeding stations.

Camera iconThe Amira display from Dale Alcock Homes in Jindalee has a laundry facility with a built-in dog house and washing station. Recognition: Delivered

“More people are now working from home, so their job is adding no-go spaces to separate their workspace, especially when making zoom calls, etc.

Dale Alcock Homes design and drafting manager Jordan Cook said dog owners usually wanted an area that their pooch can recognize as his own, with laundry often turning out to be ideal.

He said the Amira exhibition in Jindalee has an integrated kennel and dog washing station due to recent customer inquiries.

“We could imagine the owners coming back from a walk on the beach and then through the garage into the house, into the laundry,” said Cook.

“If you have a raised cooktop or pedestal, you can wash your pet without bending over too far,” he added, offering a top design tip.

“Also take into account the size of your dog and how much space you need for the washing station.”

The Amira exhibition by Dale Alcock Homes.
Camera iconThe Amira exhibition by Dale Alcock Homes. Recognition: Delivered

Cat owners had asked the company to build small inside corners into climbing frames.

Ms. Terry said her favorite features included integrating a litter box into closets to keep them out of sight, dedicated storage space for accessories, and a home camera that owners can use to monitor pets while they work.

She recommended easy-care materials that will last.

“Think about washable fabrics and heavy duty countertops that will make sure those perky sharp nails don’t scratch,” she said.

“Ultimately, it depends on your pet’s behavior whether they get cashmere or polyester bedding.”

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