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Check Rego: Pet registrations are due by April 10th.

Animal registrations due

Regional councils have reminded residents to register their pets before April 10th.

Registration helps councils to:

  • return animals if lost;
  • provide your pet with an identification tag;
  • responding to calls about stray dogs or dog attacks, including removing aggressive dogs from the street;
  • Dealing with issues such as barking dogs, trespassing cats and strange animals;
  • Control of “dangerous”, “threatening” and “restricted” dogs; and
  • Monitoring of pet shops, animal boarding houses, kennels, animal shelters, animal shelters and pet breeding and training companies.

Most councils have different rates and criteria that can result in discounted fees, including for pets that are already desexed, animals younger than six months or older than 10 years, animals kept for breeding purposes, working dogs, and more .

Contact your municipal administration for more information.

Desexing grants available

According to the Victorian Government, the latest round of Pet Desexing Grants will improve animal welfare outcomes and reduce the number of unwanted pets.

The new round of grants includes $500,000 to support local governments and non-profit organizations improve the quality of welfare of domestic dogs and cats across Victoria through the purchase of equipment and the expansion of free or low-cost pet desexing services.

There has been a significant increase in demand for new pets and adoptions across Victoria. The proportion of households with pets in Australia has increased significantly in just over two years, from 61 percent to 69 percent.

On average, cats start breeding at four months and can have up to three litters a year. Without desexing, a female and her offspring could produce thousands of kittens in just a few years.

Equine Rehabilitation Grant applications of $471,500 were also submitted to support organizations that rescue, rehabilitate and refer horses to purchase equipment or services and upgrade their facilities.

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