Petition: Amendment of the Dangerous Dogs Act


In November 2018, a dog named Doyle had to be euthanized. He was perfectly happy and healthy; he could probably even have found a loving forever home with a family who would have loved him. However, due to the Dangerous Dog Act, the animal rescue team who looked after him was forced to put him to sleep. A zookeeper at the rescue described like, “It was absolutely devastating to have taken care of Doyle for so long only to have to put him to sleep.” They continued, “Every time a dog that is considered a pit bull comes into the center, it’s the same story and it’s so disturbing and unsettling for the entire team.”

the Dangerous Dogs Act allows officers to mark dogs with certain physical characteristics for euthanasia. It was started in 1991 Reduce dog attacks; However, the law focuses on looks rather than behavior. So it doesn’t matter if a dog has never shown aggression, if it looks like any of the specified breeds it may need to be euthanized. It’s heartbreaking to think that many of these dogs are so cute and could spend their days peacefully with an everlasting family.

Pit bulls and the other prohibited breeds are not inherently aggressive. They are considered as such only because of the actions of the people who breed these dogs to fight. However, this behavior is neither natural nor inherent in pit bulls. Like any other dog, pit bulls can be incredibly cute, playful, and funny.

Fortunately that is Scottish SSPCA asks for the law on dangerous dogs is to be changed to allow more careful analysis of individual dogs so that puppies that can be re-housed have a chance to fight. You started NoBadBreed campaign to gain public support for this change.

Mike Flynn, Chief Superintendent of the Scottish SPCA, called, “While we fully support public safety legislation, we believe that any breed of dog can potentially get out of hand and be dangerous in the wrong hands. We want a stronger focus on legislation that ensures responsible dog ownership, rather than punishing individual dogs for their appearance if they haven’t harmed anyone. ”

Sign this petition – calling on the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to amend the Dangerous Dogs Act to allow its “prohibited” dog breeds to be relocated if they are suitable!

Also, sign these other petitions to continue speaking:

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