Police are confirming the name of the Kewanee man who was attacked and killed by a dog breed dog


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The man who was attacked and killed by a dog at his home last week has been identified, as has the breed of dog that killed him.

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Kewanee Police Chief Nicholas Welgat on Monday confirmed information from the Henry County Coroner that the man killed in the incident was Juan Ruiz, 66, 819 N. Vine Street, Kewanee.

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County Coroner Melissa Watkins said no autopsy was performed because it was apparent the man died from wounds sustained in the attack.

Police said Ruiz tried to break up a fight between the dogs at his home last Monday. He reported the attack to his family, who were out of town, and advised him to see a doctor. When they returned around midnight, they found the man dead.

Welgat said Monday the attacking dog’s breed was a pit bull.

The boss said he and officers planned to meet with the man’s family on Monday to finalize the details of the case.

“We’re still trying to figure out a few things this morning,” he said.

The second dog, which also suffered injuries, is still being examined and treated and could be returned to the owners in 10 days.

Susan DeVilder contributed to this report.

This article originally appeared on Star Courier: KPD confirms name of man attacked and killed by dog, dog breed


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