Police warn of dog breeders action


BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) – The Brownsville Police Department is warning the public about a dog breeder program and sharing helpful tips with the community to verify a breeder’s legitimacy.

Brownsville PD received several reports on a dog breeder program Promoting a popular social media site, the La Pulga De Brownsville Facebook page.

To prevent the community from becoming a victim of this regulation, the authorities are giving tips to protect themselves.

Tips are as follows:

  • Breeders in the city of Brownsville require a “breeder license” to sell domesticated animals. According to Brownsville PD, the seller must provide the buyer with the authorization.
  • Request a health certificate from the seller stating that the animal was examined by a veterinarian within a week of delivery. Before buying the animal, check that it is a good animal.
  • If still skeptical, Brownsville PD encourages buyers to use the Brownsville Police Department’s Safe Exchange Parking. Parking stalls are for public sharing and are constantly monitored.

As a rule of thumb, authorities recommend that individuals do not prepay for animals and wait until the documents and animal are delivered before exchanging money.

Finally, officials reminded the community that selling domesticated animals without the proper papers is illegal as it is a city ordinance.


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