Polish animal welfare organization helps evacuate animals from Ukraine


A Polish animal shelter, the ADA Foundation, is helping animals evacuate Ukraine. Since Putin’s unjustified invasion of the democratic country on February 24, violence and destruction have been happening across the country, prompting many people to flee with their pets. Animal shelters and zoos have struggled to evacuate their large groups of animals to neighboring countries. Charities like the ADA help these shelters get these innocent animals out of these war zones.

The ADA Foundation has been operating in Przemysl, a town near the Ukrainian border, for 30 years. Radek and Jakub run the charity and they shelter abandoned dogs, cats, goats and even bears. Since the invasion, their priorities have shifted to providing food and medical assistance to animals and pets fleeing Ukraine.

The Network for Animals has helped the ADA Foundation with donations, raising enough money to buy another animal ambulance for the Polish charity and is working to send cat and dog food to the war-torn Ukraine to animals that couldn’t be evacuated. The network thanked donors on its website, saying: “This gift you have given will DOUBLE the number of animal lives we are able to save! THANKS!”

#UKRAINE ANIMAL UPDATE: Your donations have helped us buy a second animal ambulance for our partner in Poland, the ADA Foundation. Click here for the full news (there is good news and bad news) and keep donating. With every donation you help us to evacuate animals! https://t.co/gOdGGzc9BS https://t.co/uuZr43AWEP

Since the conflict broke out, ADA has helped over 300 animals. As soon as the animals arrive, they are quarantined and, if necessary, vaccinated and registered. Many require medical attention with wounds and suffer from dehydration.

Animals are often forgotten as victims at times like these, and these charities and animal shelters risk their lives to ensure the animals are safe and fed. Support them wherever you can!

Sign this petition to support Ukraine!

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