Pumpkin announces new super dog breed The Douzle, touted as the healthiest dog breed in the world


The new dog, discovered by the pet insurance and wellness brand, is instinctively housebroken and can live up to 30 years

NEW YORK, March 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — There is no perfect dog. . . until now! Meet the new super breed that has it all – looks, brains and most importantly, an impeccable health and genetic profile.

Driven by its mission to make pets as healthy and happy as possible, pumpkin, a pet health company, took their passion for dogs one step further with the discovery of the Douzle. After hundreds of new reports of a mysterious new breed going years without a scraped paw pad, Pumpkin is CEO Alex Douzet started asking questions. As someone with a long track record of trying to optimize the health and welfare of pets and who has personally experienced the harshness of his pets’ ailments over the years, Douzet has assembled a team of experts to research this unknown breed and the to discover the exact combination of traits that produced these symptom-free puppies. After extensive testing, research and interviews with the parents of each mystery dog, it was determined that the dogs displayed some of the most impressive health qualities Pumpkin has ever seen. The result: the discovery of the Douzle.

It’s no wonder why animal lovers fall for the Douzle at first sight, with its extra floppy ears, striking green eyes, and long, lush fur that miraculously doesn’t shed. Even better, its properties go well beyond aesthetics.

The Douzle’s hassle-free hair requires no brushing or grooming, and while typical floppy ears are prone to regular discomfort, the Douzle’s smooth coat sweeps away water and dirt with infection-resistant results. The Douzle is born with increased intelligence averse to obesity with an innate sense of intuitive eating, allowing them to respect their hunger cues and stop eating once full, particularly impressive considering the average dog doesn’t have the cognitive ability to know when they’ve had enough. And be increased sense of taste and smellSuperior to even the world’s smartest Bloodhound, offers a natural aversion to poisonous treats like chocolate, garlic, and grapes. While pet parents love it is instinctively housebroken From birth, which saves owners dozens of precautionary walks and hours of scrubbing of soiled carpets during the puppy stage, they’re rather surprised that the after-meal walk doesn’t end with an unpleasant stench: the Douzle’s Poo doesn’t even smell!

“We were amazed at what our research revealed about the Douzle,” says Douzet. “This dog can keep up with any lifestyle, even my kids wouldn’t mind walking a Douzle. It’s almost too good to be true!”

Most importantly, the Douzle has an average life expectancy of nearly 30 years, making them a lifelong companion without the typical aging ailments of other breeds, such as heart disease or arthritis. However, there was one trait the researchers found was unanimously reported by Douzle owners: a belief that they are lap dogs.

For more information on the Douzle, see www.pumpkin.care/douzle.

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Of course, observant pet parents can recognize that there is no such thing as the universally perfect dog breed. While we might pull your hind leg for April Fools’ Day, Pumpkin believes that the perfect dog is the one in your own home and that every pup deserves nothing less than a long, happy and healthy life!

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