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On July 13th there was a letter to the editor about the Rupert Animal Shelter. Some statements have been made about Diane Gelling and the fact that she left $ 300,000 for animal welfare at the shelter.

I believe this is overseen by a body of people who make sure the animals have everything they need, so far I think they are doing and performing their duties.

That letter also states that if you lose your dog, you can call Boise. Well that is a false statement. The animals brought to the shelter are kept for five days before being given up for adoption. Sometimes yes, ISH comes and brings some of them to Boise to ease the strain of overcrowding the kennels (which I saw in person). IHS also brings material to ensure veterinary care is guaranteed. Another false statement was made about the gunfire and medical care. All dogs are given the necessary injections, if one is sick or injured, he is taken to the vet.

Under the direction of Mayor Mike Brown, he has done a great job keeping things in the Shelter as they should. Like I said, IHS comes and fetches some of the dogs so they don’t get too crowded.

To say that the programs put in place for the health and safety of dogs and visitors have been dropped is not true. This is primarily due to Mike and Lisa who work tirelessly to make your visit a good one. The dogs are turned into a large yard each day to run and play, their kennels are disinfected and sprayed and cleaned, and fresh food and water are provided for them to eat. Maybe people could come over to visit the shelter or volunteer a few hours a week. I do! I love playing with the dogs and giving them a little love. We live in a great community, people bring food and blankets, toys and other things to help. Thank you!

It sounds like the author of this letter is a little bitter, but spitting your meanness is not going to help these animals at all. Again, no need for sour grapes. Thank you to Mayor Brown, Mike, and Lisa for all you are doing and for the volunteers who help.

I am not afraid to sign my name !!

Dona Maas

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