The animal welfare organization in La Marina, Alicante, is again overwhelmed by kittens


SUCCESSFUL YOUTH GAMES: Pets in Spain’s foster homes with the latest take. Copyright: Pets in Spain

THE kitten season has arrived.

Overloaded with kittens rescued from life-threatening situations, animal rights group Pets in Spain is all too aware of this sad fact.

In just a week, they are now caring for another six children, born to a mother who was injured and unable to support them.

Two more, just two weeks old, were found abandoned in the basement of a house.

“They were starving and infested with fleas,” said Yvonne Lewis of Pets in Spain Euro Weekly News.

A visit to the vet clinic revealed that one of them had maggots in one eye which was treated immediately and put on steroid drops to eradicate the infestation.

“Hopefully the eye recovers,” said Yvonne.

All eight kittens are now thriving and are being bottle fed by the charity’s foster parents.

The pandemic has hit animal rights organizations hard, with outdoor fundraisers being canceled and customer trade at charity shops restricted.

As a result, and for lack of funds, Pets In Spain has had to close its charity shop on Avenida Londres, Urbanization La Marina on May 31st.

“Please continue to support us and supply donated items for sale at our other charity shop, which remains open on the lower level of Consum Square in Urbanization La Marina,” said Yvonne

For more information about pets in Spain, visit the website or call 645 469 253 (phone or whatsapp).


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